Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Am I Going to Have to Do This the "Old-Fashioned" Way?

We were ready. We had the bag packed, the cameras ready, the babysitter on the way...I had my waterproof mascara on and my hair straightened (hoping it would survive the events of the day). We were 5 minutes from heading out the door to have our baby! We were scheduled to be induced this morning at 7am.
But...somehow a whole herd of pregnant women decided to gang up on the maternity ward at the hospital and all have babies last night/today. They were totally booked this morning and I couldn't go in for the induction. Definitely a let down, as Sean and I had almost came to the realization that we were having our 3rd child today.
The real bummer (to me) is that the earliest my doctor could reschedule is for next Tuesday.
Well...there's always the good old-fashioned way...I can just go into labor! So, I had some jalapenos for breakfast and Sean is suggesting jumping jacks. Nah, just kidding (although I really did have some fresh jalapenos from our yard this morning!).
On the bright side, maybe we'll have a name for this girl by then! 

Monday, September 13, 2010

Berkeley's Funny Faces

Berkeley has really taken on some extra personality lately! Her new favorite way to get giggling is by making the face in the second picture...causing us to make the same face...causing her to laugh with delight! It's so fun.
She has also become Sean's #1 fan. She even laughs at his jokes...even when no one else is laughing. I'm not even sure how she knows that he told a joke, but that girl is ready to support her daddy!
As far as her development, Berkeley is making so much progress! She is crawling on her hands and knees, pulling up to stand, and doing a ton of cute babbling. She loves to say "duck" when she sees one in a book. Oh, and she's a great snuggler...that's always good. :) It's just hard to believe that she'll be a big sister in a couple of days!

Sunrise on the Beach

We're not exactly early risers around the Smith house, but I wanted so badly to get up and take Brighton to the beach one morning to see the sunrise. She had never been to the beach and this trip was all inspired by her interest in sea creatures. She loves to learn about sharks, crabs, fish,'s all fascinating to her. But  (maybe just to be quirky) she is also pretty terrified of anything unfamiliar. It's a strange mix.
We woke up in time our last morning of our trip. We walked across the street from the resort still wearing our pajamas and got to the beach before the sun came up. It was beautiful! Brighton collected shells, we came across a couple of sandcrabs, we marveled at the sunrise
...and then she fell backwards into a big puddle of sea water! Our quaint little morning adventure was cut short as Brighton was terrified that she had fallen into the ocean! The thought of jellyfish attacking her took over and we had to leave.
...but it sure was a beautiful sunrise.