Sunday, November 2, 2008

Chili pepper and Duck head

Our little Chili Pepper is doing great! We had a big round of doctors visits last week, so I'll give a quick update. Berkeley had her 2 month check up and got her shots, then we rushed over to the Scottish Rite hospital the same day to have her hips and her hand checked out. The x-ray of her hips looked perfect, they said. Her hand, in case you don't know, has two shortened fingers and one finger that has no joint and can't bend. They said that she would be fine, and would just learn to compensate. So, there are two doctors we get to check off of our list and don't have to follow up with. Her last cardiologist visit went well, too. They said her oxygen levels were great and they didn't even need to do an ultrasound. She has been so much more alert lately and being a really sweet little "sugar lump" as Sean calls her.

Duck Head (Brighton) has been quite a character lately. She's definitely in her independent stage right now. She keeps us laughing, though. The other morning she said she wanted to eat dinner. I said, "We don't eat dinner in the morning. What meal do we eat in the morning?" She proudly announced, "Oat-meal!" (Get it, oat-MEAL???)

Never a dull moment around here!