Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I'm excited for me, too!

I've heard there are a few people out there who have noticed our lack of blogging lately. I admit it...I'm blog posts for 3 months!

So, here are updates on the girls, which is the same as giving you and update on me, since I hang with them all day every day. :)

~Turned 5!
~Had her first ice cream truck purchase.  She'd been dreaming about this day for weeks, just wishing for the chance. When I heard the tune of the ice cream truck, I ran outside and literally flagged the guy down and asked him to wait in our driveway while I went to get Brighton. She was excited out of her mind. She picked the bluebunny double gumball ice cream cone. I told her, "I'm excited for you!" and she said, "I'm excited for me, too!" She was starry eyed for hours.
~Had "the best week of the summer" taking art classes at the Nadine Baum Studio in Fayetteville. It was probably the best week for me, too, because she got to make tons of messy art, and someone else cleaned it up! :) Seriously, though, the girl has an artistic streak, and I was so happy for her to have an outlet.
~Took swimming lessons. She might not have learned to swim, but she is getting into the pool without a quadruple buckle life jacket, so that's something.
~Starts KINDERGARTEN in just a few weeks!

~Learned to walk!!! She is almost exclusively walking, and almost never crawls anymore.
~Decided that the smaller human in the house is actually pretty cool, and has begun to count Boston as a favorite playmate.
~Has firmly established her fan club up here in Fayetteville. I knew it wouldn't be long. If you could just hear her say "tutu" you would be hooked, too.
~Realized that naps are not as fun as mommy makes them out to be. She walks over to her baby gate and peers out, but if Sean or I catch her in the act, she really calmly and slowly crouches down behind the baby gate and lays on the if we won't know what is going on!

~Finally made it onto the growth charts! In case you haven't seen much of Boston, she's a real "pip squirt." She's really packed on the pounds lately, though, and has soared up to the tenth percentile on the growth charts!
~Has become enthralled with animals. At first I thought she was scared of dogs, since she shrieks like a wild puma everytime she sees one...but it turns out those were just very shrill shouts of joy.
~Is getting a little closer every day to becoming a "daddy's girl" like the other two.
~Bears an uncanny resemblance to Brighton as a baby. The other day I was getting sentimental about Brighton growing up, and I thought, "if only I could go back in time and just hold her as a baby again." Then I figured out that all I have to do is hold Boston and it's pretty much the same effect.

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